Brian McGee.

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Brian was smitten by clay at first touch, because as a material he found it so expressive and responsive. He’s been working from his Studio at his home at the foot of Dooish Hill near Raphoe since 1997 and working in clay since 1978.

The ceramics he makes are all entirely handmade, glazed and fired in his home built gas kiln using techniques which have stood the test of time. The work is both functional and sculptural. Originally from Derry, he studied in Birmingham Art College. He aspires to make work that retains some link to all art and all humanity, drawing on as inspiration, the natural beauty and history of Donegal and the connections we make between culture, life, music and community.

Contact Details & Info

Tel: 087 6845524
Studio open to the public: Yes by appointment
Corporate/ Commission/ Public work: Yes all three
Run workshops: Yes
Mail order / Worldwide delivery: UK and Europe


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