A Preview of Home Exhibition (opens Ardara 2nd August)


Noel Cronin: ‘Long Way Home’ Lighthouse adjustable pendant lamps in walnut and maple; suspended in box frames.
“The aim is always towards the functional, the magical and the beautifully made.”




Michelle McCarroll: ‘RE.Flection’ (set of 2 lamps) “Having grown up an urban nomad, the questions I have always had difficulty answering is ‘Where do I come From?’
My concept of ‘Home’ is rather eclectic, yet remarkably, and unintentionally, my roads have always led to Donegal. I wish to convey a sense of memory, with the sea as a focal point. Amidst the inconsistency, this has always been my constant; what I have missed most when I am away, and what I have turned to for calm.
Re.Flection has been developed from personal visual memories, whereas Re.Collection is an interactive piece made to trigger thought – a storage space for memories




Brian McGee: “It Was All Fields Here” Ceramic sculpture made from local eathenware clay from brickworks fired to 1100 degrees  
“Living in Donegal for over 30 years I have witnessed changes to the people and place, both positive and negative. Whilst more open to new people and ideas. It has also been blighted by unplanned development and parochial cronyism.
Are we in danger of destroying the very things that makes the county so special – its unique scenery and natural environment? The monopoly house seemed an appropriate metaphor for unbridled greed that most can relate to. while the wind turbine is both a harbinger of clean and natural energy and a controversial addition to the landscape.”





Joanne Gamble: Urchin II
Made from 3mm steel with 10mm forged steel spikes and gold leaf.
“The sea urchin can look beautiful and unusual or dangerous and fierce depending on the way we look at it. It’s not everyday that you will find a sea urchin and this makes them a precious item in their own way.
It also uses it’s hard and  dangerous appearance to defend and protect itself and its home.
It’s this that draws me towards them as they remind me of ourselves and our own homes and how we protect  what is precious to us whilst feeling safe and protected within”.